1997 Pontiac Sunfire Questions

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How can I fix it myself

Sunfire GT. Wont Rev past 4k. Very slow accelaration. When r.p.M's reach 4k lose most if not all power. Cat??? Fuel pump?? Not sure where to start.

My 1997 Pont..Sunfire SE was running fine A water hose Busted and we fixed it ,it started and run fine for less than a mile then It started giving a sort of put put sound and refused to start again we replaced a sen..that had gotten broken or just broke.But it still want start even tho it does turn over it just don't seem to be getting enough power but,we have tried jumping it nope don't jump.I don't get the problem.Where else do I look for the problem ? It would love any help .Thank you

Starts bearly an idles but now it dies when took out of park have to really try to keep running before it sounded from exhaust leak and had no horse power 65(70 mph tops slow get up and go thought from blower head gasket but now it won't run in rev or fwd codes said mult mis fire it had no get up and go replaced head gasket and believed to had put back right it idles an ran the same nearly cause now it hard to get it to drive before it stalls out help pleas anny opinions open

I bought a used 97 Pontiac sun fire and recently started having problems with it not wanting to stay running. It will start and then cuts off. After much work and back and forth to my mechanic he said it has something to do with my anti theft system. Also I don't have an original key but went to the dealer and had one made from the VIN number but it doesn't have a black resistor strip on the key. I have done the relearn 30 min process but can't do that every time I need to go somewhere. At one point the car worked for about a week and the light would stay on then back to square one with it not wanting to stay running. Should I try the bypass videos that they show on you tube???

There will be little black drops of liquid on the ground that drip from the exhaust... Also blows a bit of black/blue smoke. Overheated recently and the coolant compartment was empty.... Filled it up, checked later that day and the next day and it was still full (hadn't drove it anywhere though since filling it) then after driving it about 20 k over a period of 3 drives, my 'add coolant' light is on again and car was running hotter than usual but not overheating. Is this black stuff leaking from my exhaust, coolant? Someone told me 'head gasket'? I don't know, I'm just a dumb girl

I have already change trans speed sensor

No room and not really reachable from underneath. I have it unplugged and only part way out. No room for pliers or other tools. Have been pulling on it up and down and twisting it. Any ideals would be helpful. :)

driving down the highway the car had trouble accelerating, and would sometimes but not others, and eventually died and will not start. is this the timing chain and if so how much should it cost to get fixed?

My electric window no longer comes down. Your advice was that it is the fuse so I just wanted to know if a glass place would fix it or a car repair shop. Which would be cheaper and how much it would cost?

I went to a carwash and manually washed my car with the brush and the high powered water device. After that, I did notice a black wire but it wasn't on the window it was on the side mirror. Then I notice that the window would not roll down anymore. I had just had my windows down right before I went into the carwash because my air conditioning does not work. The effected window is in the front on the driver's side.