1996 Pontiac Sunfire Questions

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wont shift into second gear
Please send instructions I don't understand why one wasn't in there.
Replaced blower motor, has to be wiring.
At first had the anti theft light on. Got that fixed hasent came back on. Now this week it would start. Then stall. No noise or warning it was going to shut off. Sometimes while driving the gauges will jump around. Or stall while driving and start up again. This last time, just wouldn't start. What could it be? I've been told the fuel pump. It's not getting SPARK! So electrical it has to be. HELP please
it happen after it warm up it does it in 1st a lot more then in revs.
Have had car for a week & need to use for work but now.I'm back to square 1 since the stupid Anti theft system has screwed me out of 2 days of money. What's the first steps to take so my cat runs? Do I need to get another key, ignition switch, or is it in the wiring?
Its presently disabled in a bad location & I've tried several things to try & disarm the system but to no avail. There's no noise, no clicks or anything when I attempt to turn over but there is.power on radio, windows, heater, etc.. Please let me know what I can do to fix this.problem. Any & all suggestions or advice are appreciated. I've only had the car for a week & I'm feeling way overwhemed & outta luck.
daughter tried to shift to reverse and shift handle popped up cant get it back down and shifter it self is just fine
Change gas tank and erase OBDll, check gas filter and tank for leakers and found nothing, however, it come back
I have a gas leak around left front side of the motor, might be the charcoal canister (part # is SAE PA66 ) ;i don't know where is it located.
I bought an Innova 3100 and accidentally erase the OBD data and after 1.5 weeks I don't have any reading from the Innova reader. Any idea what it is causing this issue or How long will it take to get data into the OBD?
I change the gas cap, fix, tighten fix, but continuos appearing, I continue resetting the code any solutions.
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