1995 Pontiac Sunfire Questions

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mine is broke i dont have the money i dont trust driving it what are ways it can get broken
How much would an engine cradle replacement cost?
My check engine light comes on if I drive a long time, which I rarely do, and then goes off when I turn the car off and doesn't happen again unless I have a long road trip months later. Is it safe to drive?
The water pump blew and coolant was pouring on the ground.
My sunfire has almost 200,000 miles. I just need to know if the car is still safe for me and my child.
replaced battery and now dash lioghts remain on.
Had to reset car with ignition swich to get vehile to restart. No problem before battery died.
Over the past month my car has been needing a little extra loving to start. Occasionally you can start it easily without pressing the gas but rarely. It cranks for approx 5-10 seconds before it starts and immediately begins to shake and the smell of exhaust is DISGUSTING! I recently replaced all of the fuel injectors and had them tested before putting them in, but that is about the time i started having these problems. On top of this it's misfiring on the fourth cylinder and and only going about 2/3 as far on a tank. I use fuel injector cleaner and this has done a minimal amount of benefit. I'm a poor student and am wondering if you know what the source of my problem could be and if so is it worth it to fix?
I have no power to the fuze that regulates the fuel pump and injectors in the fuze bo. I jump it and got juice to one side of the reay but still will not start
So i believe my car is misfiring due to a faulty fuel horrible is it to continue driving it?
my 95 sunfire has ran like a dream since i got it 6 months ago. last week i noticed a fuel injector leaking so i quickly replaced it and now it starts hard, shake, makes moaning noises when i accelerate, has a burning smell ( smells like a belt), and i'm now getting 150km LESS per tank. it has 220 000km
I was woundering how to change my valve seals in my 1995 Pontiac Sunfire its got a 2.2L 4 Cylinder engine with roughly 216,000 miles... any help would be wounderful...
With the Engine running and the A/C switched on to max and High. When I hookup the 134a refrigerant to the low side port, can't get system to recharge. Hose and gauge hooked up properly, refrigerant won't start filling into system. Am I missing something?
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