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So, left my car running for a little over an hour one day. came back, turned it off. when i tried to start it back up nothing. Heres where im at. My shift clutch cable from the steering column to the clutch is shotty but ive rigged it before. (that issue was the car not turning from on to off. car would be stuck on, the cable was jamming, its usable now.) my clutch with the key on will not shift from park to anything, on the transmission case, the shift column i can force from park to reverse, but its tight and doesnt really want to, even in reverse, the clutch doesnt move from park. the car will not start. i am not getting spark to the plug, ive traced it back to the crankshaft sensor. it isnt getting voltage it needs to allow the ignition coils to jump. so ive got a car that now will not send voltage to the cps and will not shift. i know they have to be related. almost as if it thinks its stuck in a different gear and doesnt want to start. but locked itself up thinking it was shut off in park. its definetly something new and very obnoxious. anyway for me to atleast override the clutch so i can roll it home? (no i havent yet pulled the cable off to shift the transmission manually to neutral. not sure my brakes will like it or if the cable needs to be moved to neutal to allow a brake release) again, this is quite a strange issue.
thought it was fuel pump so replaced it too
the transmission cooler line broke and i got that fixed but now when u drive it now around 40-50 mph it wont shift it just revs up to 4000-5000 rpms but it still gains speed. Some times it will shift and drive smooth but once you slow down it wont shift after that.
it sometimes shifts into the high gear but then wont after u slow down again.
I've been told it could be the driver belt, or other belts. Or it could be the tire alignment? Also, The vehicle shakes when i drive. I've been told that could be due to air pressure levels being different in the tires or AGAIN the tire alignment. I've had the vehicle for about 2 months now, and it was like this when i bought it. Not sure what to start with?
I was driving to a friend's house in my '95 Pontiac Sunfire Saturday night when all of a sudden I heard a metallic scraping sound and my car got really loud. When I pulled over into a parking lot and looked under my car I saw what looked like a long metal pipe that was broken and was dragging along the street. I called my friend and he was able to temporarily put the pipe back up and I was able to get home safely. He thought it was a muffler pipe. I'm not sure. I'm a total idiot when it comes to cars. Does anyone know what this long pipe is and how much it would cost to fix it? I've already put a lot of money into this thing since I got it back in 2007.
My car has to be forced accelerated to go from stopped to moving its stuck at 4rpm and won't go over 30 miles an hour. Started today out of no where. I'm thinking my transmission is basically shot and I could replace it instead of buying another car. How much would it cost me?
cheapest way to replace the door? How much with labor.I don't want to spend a lot because I hope to see it.
key not all the way on but i turn it un til the light come on and i have to keep doing it until the fuelpummp comes on it dont start until i hear the fuelpump????? help me plz
I have a trans from a 98 cavilar and i want to use it for my 95 sunfire. is it possible
Why aren't there any 2.3 liter motors available
I have been having this problem for a while with no known solution as of yet. After driving for any random amount of time and then coming to a stop for any more than five minutes, there is a large chance that my engine light will come on. After this, my car will act fine until i release the accelerator, and then it will slow down, or jerk back, slightly. I am not sure what is causing this, and I cannot have the code read because of another problem I do not know the answer to, but have asked about in another question. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I have been having problems with my car recently, and the engine light comes on. However, when I take it to a shop to have the engine light code read, it will not read it. I have had one technician tell me the fuse it uses to read it is blown, and have since had it replaced, and attempted to have the code read again, but it still did not work. Is there anyone else that has been having this problem? Has anyone had this issue and since fixed it? Any offered help will be greatly appreciated.
I have a 1995 Sunfire, 2.2L. It will abruptly die and any given time, but starts right back up immediately afterwards. A mechanic friend mentioned it may be a loose connection at the ignition module. It has a new fuel pump and filter, any other ideas on what the cause may be?
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