1994 Pontiac Sunbird Questions

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when i start my car it will either run fine, idle high, or almost stale.
-The idling high problem will also happen if i get on the gas or put it in neutral and rev the engine. it will slowly go back to normal or if i rev the engine a lot it will go back to normal faster.
- the almost stalling problem happens when i start the engine and when i come to stops
radiator cap connect to?
My 1994 Pontiac 2 door coup rattles at start and for the first 20 mph has. Ill have my pedal to the floor and seems to have no power until it feels like it wants too.....having trouble going up hills have to get a head start b4 the hill no check engine light on break light was on for a while comes on randomly. Seems like it gets hot to fast no leaks that I see of any ideas? Sorry my grammar is bad and my punctuation :)
When I put the AM on, it works fine. I checked the fuses, and they are ok. There is a cassette player in the car. I replaced just the antenna, but it still won't recieve a strong signal. The cigarette lighter fuse is broken. What could be the problem? Solution?
Occasionally the light for the clock and radio stations comes on, works for awhile and then no power or illumination. I tried 2 diff. ones and same things happen. Wiring harness looks in good shape. Someone said maybe BCM Body Contol module? Where is that? TY
And detail the procedure if you please.
I just read if i unplug the wire to the throttle it will stop the car from dying out or i could put some seafoam in the transfluid.. do you think either of these would work?
it will drive but when i press on the brake it dies out. The car did sit in the garage for about a year without being driven
ok so I go to my car this morning only to find someone broke into it they screwed drivers side entry lock now i get in the car and it looks as though they tried to column crack it but failed miserably now i go and put key in turn it over nothing
my abs light is on in my car. i also have no brakes except if i puch the brake pedel all the way to the floor but when i do that it skids. what could be the problem
timing cover
This car starts everytime and will run hiway speeds fine but when I get to a stop sign it dies, if I have been at hiway speed. It will restart immediately but when I put it in drive to go again it dies. It stays running fine if I am going slow like in town driving speeds. Never dies at stop signs then. After it has sat for a hour or so it will finally go when put in gear but will die again after driving short time at hiway speed.
My car is smoking and getting no heat. How do I replace the hose to the coolant resevour?
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