1993 Pontiac Sunbird Questions

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If I turn defrost off the engine overheats even though I have plenty of antifreeze/engine coolant in the car.Also,antifreeze leaks from both sides of the radiator hose,it leaks onto the engine and the ground but there is no hole in the radiator hose.Perhaps the hose should be cut down and tightened?If the defrost is not constantly on the temp gauge goes in the red and smoke comes from under the hood.Thank you.
Seems like it is a pressure leak.
Where is the oil pressure sending uint
was starting out from first gear,when I got to 4th and going into 5th its like something became disconnected from the shifter,could move shifter knob around without no grinding,like there was no gears to go to.I think I know what it is but wanted some suggestions before I make final decision on what to do.
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