1992 Pontiac Sunbird Questions

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My converter is clogged and causing severe power loss, it has now been cut out.. don't care to replace it unless absolutely have to. can it be straight piped/glasspack or will it not run correctly due to the low/no back pressure?
Inside oil replenishment hole on top of the engine the push rod doesn't move while turning the starter. Engine just stopped running after a 2 minute drive. Battery strong, fuel pump running, starter turning but, push rod not moving while starter is cranking.
Thanks for any help.
could this be bab starter? dont help to even jumpstart. or should i check cable connections again.
The power steering fluid seems to be leading. Having difficulties turning the steering wheel
car will not start untill you spray gas into the intake. after it starts it runs great, just wont start again after you turn it off without spraying gas into the intake again.
hazzards work but arrows dont work for turn signal
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