1990 Pontiac Sunbird Questions

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Occurred when car ran for a while. Car cut off and will not start at all now after replacing starter and alternator.
The car will start when primed but can't get any fuel without correct throttle cable hookup.
Can't find a picture anywhere.
I'm trying to find out what might cause the fuel injector in the throttle body to not give enough fuel occasionally when the engine is under load. Feathering the gas will keep it going sometime so I think it's fuel-related. Is there a fuel filter in the throttle body under the fuel injector maybe clogged? Vacuum hoses look fine. Does it have a ECR valve?
Need to change water pump how much work can it be?
did the egr test (snapped throttle and check if valve is open on deceleration)-chiltons) my EGR is open on acceleration and closes on deceleration? this is causing my car to idle rough and run rough under 2Krpm (anything below heavy acceleration)
1990 pontiac sunbird 2.0 Naturally aspirated, 2 door convertible, carbureted, automatic, 206K.
(PROM, ECM work no check engine code). Runs and drives fine first 30 min highway and most days around town. After 30 min (good and warm) it runs quite rough and won't hold an idle (or anything below 1500RPM's really) whether in park neutral drive. in any gear I can keep my foot on the gas and it won't die, it doesn't run that bad while taking off when hot (not much sputter, loss of power) or while cruising (just an idle). I have basic tune up (cap, rotor, oil, plugs, wires, air filter) i ordered an IAC(idle air control valve, I think this may be it but….) I was going to do fuel filter also, that shouldn't fix it though. Fuel pump sounds good, haven't tested it yet but its in tank so heat shouldn't be the problem unless its vapor lock, or some type of heat/pressure problem?) any help or ideas would be much appreciated. If I figure it out I will post on here my solution.
Thank you
car will not stay running
crankshft got turned with out marking now car wont start
engine when warm, will stall when put in gear.
how to fix to much gas flow
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