2008 Pontiac Solstice Questions

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low beams on headlights not working, what is the average cost including labor to replace the dimmer switch
Fuel Guage faulty
During the middle of the night the car started making a beeping noise, it been every 60-90 seconds. I haven't been able to locate where the beep is coming from, somewhere around the dash/engine area. The beep does not happen when the car is running.
is there some shutdown or start up procedure particular to the solstice
it came unglued at the top of convertible
i was in oreillys and 2 guys came in. one had a solstice with a blowed head gasket. the other was telling him the engine had to come out to change it. looking at pictures i don't see why the engine whould have to come out! who is wright?
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