2006 Pontiac Solstice Questions

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I store my soltice in the winter zipped up in a car bag. I just brought it out to find it hasn't any brakes. I didn't see any signs of animals living under the car and couldn't understand how any could have gotten in when the car bag was zipped up tight. Any ideas where to begin to look? The car has only 4000 miles
How difficult is it to change the fuel filter?
The rear part of the convertible top release only works on the driver's side when I push the button. Now I can't get the trunk shut and the alarm on the dash won't shut off.
The car sat up all winter till now. It starts but when I push the clutch to go into gear it won't.
thieves attempted to break into my convertilble on the drivers side near the door lock; stretching the cable that keeps the top drawn tight/secuer when the top is up
keep dingging
It happens when i slow down around 15 mph..
The sercurity lock light is on then try to start it and I get nothing won't crank
Over the message reads service airbag
The rear hatch will not stay open unless u hold it. It appears the linkage for the soft top has become disengaged. What used to be easy open by one person is now a two man job, and the alignment is off on the hatch/trunk.
Driver side window and door work so cannot be a fuse problem. Could replacing battery have anything to do with this?
I knew to burp trapped air from motor. What else can be done could it be a bad sensor?
I will restart car sometimes 5 or 10 times, sometimes just one restart will cure the problem
My add coolant light keeps coming on. Other than having a leak in the radiator what could cause this? The light goes off after adding coolant then a few days later comes back on. I did notice a liquid under the car once but, I thought it was just condensation from the a/c
Any suggestions?
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