2007 Pontiac Montana Questions

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Van won't start, at all. Only hear a Click sound. That's all.
Ez una trasmision automática
I have schematics guessing it is more than just 12 volts and ground to make it turn on. What am I missing? DVD player is overhead console would like to get it to work if possible. All parts were removed from the same van.
The message in red reads engine power failure.
I have to press on the gas pedal to get it to start when it is below half a tank
Heat and Air both work
Anybody done this without taking a bat to this crap van!! Error code reads its the crankshaft position sensor. The garage I go to wouldn't even touch the job, said they were short staffed... I understood why when I found out where it is!! Low on the engine block on the firewall side of the engine. You cant even see the insulated wire loom! If I drop the tranny maybe I can get to it! There has to be a better way!!
I am looking for tips . Perhaps removing the transmission output shaft on the passenger side!
Anyone?? Help!!!
it was running good and quit. no notice at all
rear side windows quit working some time ago, can't find any mention of a fuse or relay that operate them. Now both driver and passenger windows stopped working at the same time. Replaced fuse and relay as well as window switch on driver door with no change. Any advice?
the door of my van wont open with the car automatic door opener when i press the button even with a new battery.
Since replacing The Power Steering pump the T/C and stability lights up also occasionlal the ABS LIGHT. Turn the engine off the light resets when you restart but again turns on when you press the brake peddle
Steering wheel rocks at low speeds.
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