2005 Pontiac Montana Questions

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I have a 2005 Pontiac Montana SV6 AWD that has a moaning, binding noise from the passenger rear wheel area, but only when I'm in a turn with the steering wheel rotated more than one full revolution in either direction. Nothing visible is rubbing or interfering with the wheel or tire. Vehicle has ABS, traction control, and an automatic load-leveling rear suspension. Any ideas what this might be????
I have an SV6. Have trouble losing power going up hills and when I use air conditioning. I have also had trouble with the car starting especially on rainy days. Engine light is on and it said to replace water pump which was done, but engine light still remains on. (we will be checking the code today)
i turned the key an got nuttin but all the lights radio etc worked. i turned it off an back on an got nuttin i waited a few mins an tried again an only the seatbelt light came on everything else is dead including the power windows last time it did this my radio an time reset back to default
Drove in morning 4 miles temp clear to red. Garage flushed pressure tested; ok. 2 days later same thing; replaced fan switch /relay; ok. Drove over 50 miles. Next morning 4 miles same thing; replaced thermostat and bled each time; ok; sat overnight and same thing again. Any other ideas.
Everything was fine and then the shifter just stopped shifting when I went to put it in park?
Almost everytime I drive it this will happen I will have to pull over turn key off try then after like 3rd time it will start
the bulb burned out....I picked up a replacement and it didn't work....brought it back and got a different bulb and that one didn't work you suppose the plug is bad?
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