2003 Pontiac Montana Questions

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Van will turn over but not firing
Now in ested is shimmying at 25 to 35 it now starts at 45 and stops at 60 has new tires I have had them check, rotated ,and rebalance, presser recheck any ideas
First time...does turn over just wont's like it's not getting any fuel.
When driving van will start to backfire and act like its going to die. Usual happens when the gas tank reaches a half tank.
My inside lights do not come on when I open my door
when you get up to around 50 mph the transmission will make a loud bang and then the van will jerk this only happens once in a while
when you stop and start right back up the right rear brake will lock up for a few feet before letting go
this started after it overheated while my wife was driving
How do I fix the security so the van will start
Not getting the fuel, I replaced the inline filter, but still nothing.
The rear doors don't open and close the way they should all the time. And the buzzer stays on saying a door is open when they are closed.
My van is displaying the low oil pressure alarm. We changed the oil filter without any help. I can'tafford to pay to have work done. I am trying to find out how to cchange the oil pump myself. Any help would be appreciated.
I had the oil changed as was suggested but the oil light is still on, what could it be?
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