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I got into an accident and I believe my battery dies because my door is stuck open, is there a way I can stop this??
What cause van to not start. Acts like has no battery. When turn key does nothing.
The other day, while driving, my van went into serious overheat mode. We had just checked the fluids and they were fine. I checked the antifreeze reservoir, it was completely empty so I filled with what I had left in the jug. The heat gauge went down and all seemed to be ok. The reservoir needed filling a couple of times, but I thought that if it had actually leaked out, that would be normal. 2 days after, when I started driving, the motor started squealing like mad, van could barely be accelerated, seemed like very little power. We decided it was the water pump and changed that. That reduced the squealing but didn't stop it. The van did run better. However, during the trip, I ended up with no interior heat at all and the van did start to overheat slightly. I thought that maybe we hadn't filled the rad enough and planned to fill when I got back home. After driving for about 45 minutes, I started to get some heat but then seen vapour pouring out of the engine compartment and really overheating again. A lot of engine knocking/rattling also - before and after water pump change. Checked the oil, it wasn't really milky but there was a tiny, tiny bit of white residue on the dip stick. The dipstick indicated overflowing oil... wayyy up on the dipstick but the crankcase seems empty. Are these all related issues or do I have a ton of problems on my hands? Thanks in advance for any and all help.
My 2001 pontiac montana buck jumps sometimes and stalls. I can start the van and drive around with no problems. when i stop and go shopping the car will buck jump and will quit running. when i get it started it stays running while in park.. but as soon as you put it in drive it will quit running. someone told me its the sesor in the transmission. to me sounds like a fuel filter or fuel pump. i dont have the money to keep adding parts to it and the mechanic said it was sesor in transmision or the clutch in the transmission., hope someone could tell me whjat really is wrong
If I put the van in gear it clicks really bad then I put it back into park and it gets even worse, I turned off the car and relised I can push it when its in park? whats wrong?
2001 Pontiac Montana. recently have had issues with it not wanting to go into drive or reverse. Once we get going, it's fine.
Replaced the radiator, water pump, and tstat. Didnt overheat for about an 30 min drive then on the way back home started to overheat. The thing acts like there is a restriction in the water flow also had it flushed.
I have searched the line between tan and firewall of motor and didn't see it

My van has been over revving in park, it also runs a little hot and seems to have more momentum than normal. it also makes a thud noise right before I come to a complete stop, but not right when I apply the brakes. I was out of coolant in the reservoir a few days ago, so it has been filled and I am keeping an eye on it, I also use the air conditioning a lot. Im just worried that it is not safe to drive....i work out of town so I drive 30-45 minutes each way. Does anyone know what this could be?
will not open from any switch, and gives warning buzzer as if van is not in park.
i have tried disconnecting the battery in hopes to reset the computer. but it hasnt helped at all.
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