2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Questions

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It also acts like it isn't running on all cylinders. Acts like maybe has a block somewhere. Also at times my hoses go flat
When I turn the key over it just clicks. I have door chimes, dingers horn, radio, lights,. When it first started this I did the turn it over 3 times then leave the ignition on for 10 minutes, that worked at first. Now I have to leave it sit for a day then it starts right up. I have this picture on my dash that lights up Orange and it kinda looks like a helicopter. Please help
i noticed when i was flushing my brake lines(i was doing that because i was changing my brakes and calipers and troubleshooting why i had no brakes) that a sensor was unplugged from my master cylinder. i plugged it back in (my master cyl. had been the cause and took it to a local shop (northshore auto repair in belfair) to have it replaced as i was a bit intimidated. upon getting the car back and have the hack try to blow smoke up my bum, i asked him to come out and show me how to "bleed a sensor" ha ha... i lifted the hood and noticed the sensor had been again unplugged. hmmm i plugged it back in. and left. I don't have abs and the error message comes on all the time and makes my "parking brake on" light illuminate as well. this drives me crazy. my brakes are needing to be done again and i want this to go away.
My air filter was changed out to accomodate a K&N round filter, before i bought it, and twice i have almost catastrophic random cylinder firing error messages on the the message center. each time i have to pull over shut off the car and sit, then disconnect the battery to reset before continuing on my way. Each time this has happened when i am speeding up for a hill or stepping on the gas to pull out on a rural road into traffic. i have owned the car for two years and it has happened two or three times but it would happen more often except i can feel it and i ease up on the gas. i have never had any codes read because i have had to clear them to get going again. my car now has 99k miles and it happened at50k miles and at75k.
Came on after I changed the water pump
05 grand prix gtp
Automatic transmission will not work in Drive. Must use manuel tap shifters.
traction/stability check lights pops on; is this a sencor problem or transmission problem ? can i fix it myself?
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