2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Questions

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There's no gauge to tell me if it's low or high pressure. But i think it's the sensor that's messed up so its giving me false answers
Security light is flashing. Light on radio "Theft" flashing.
Nothing changed my boyfriend drives it to work and has to get it jumped to come back home auto zone told us it was the voltage regulator so that's when we replaced the alternator and the problem continues. The lights go dim and sometimes don't even come on inside and it won't turn over they said it's a possible computer issue can anyone give some advice on it?
When i roll up the window, as soon as i let go of button, it goes back down. after a couple times of trying it wont go up at all. I have changed out the switch. Worked for about a week then started happening again. Last time it happened, one by one the other windows would stop working correctly. That's why I thought it was the switch. What else could be causing this?
My car was running perfectly fine. I changed my oil then my car started idling weird and shutting off. Once it warms up and I drive a few miles it seems fine but before its warm it will start and idle at 1000rpm for a few sex then idle up and down and stall. Or I drove but when I stopped at a sign before it was warm or slowed for a corner it would just drop to 0rpm and die.
took the cv axle out to replace them notice the fittings are different not sure if they r suppose to be like that thanks
What is said on the machine was it was a random misfire
When I turn on my blower switch it turns off my dash electrical and my headlight.When the car is turned off then turned back on the electrical is reset and back on. I heard that this was caused by the ignition switch in the steering column.I heard that this was a common problem and don't want to get ripped off by the dealer. Thanks!
2002 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L supercharger
my code came out as the throttle position sensor I would like to know how to replace it, is there a certain way to replace it.
Why would my engine overheat on the highway once without reaching red and cool down within a second to normal highway temp which is 180 after changing an intake gasket?
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