2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Questions

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I had my oil changed yesterday and had to tighten my air filter clamp and my boost is still not kicking in and I'm making mountain of a molehill or is there a issue I need to check out. Love my car and she was slacking in power this morning.
Dies unless you keep it above 2500 rpm and stalls out when you stop
We have replaced the pump twice. Replaced the coil and hoses. Basically put all new for the ac. It worked for about a week but went out again. We have tried charging it. Still hot. Also the extra temperature is always -1. The radio display goes in and out.
There was no warning no noises just loss of steering whan i refilled it it gushed right out dow NC and to the left near drivers front wheel. It was cold in the teens for 3 to 4days prior. 2000 Daytona 500edition 160 ,000 miles. HELP PLEASE
Can maf cause this?
Car will not start since yesterday already tried jumping the battery from two other cars was unsuccessful. When I turn the key to the on position it seems like the control panels trying to get electricity to start but when I turnThe key to the start position I get nothing absolutely nothing. When the doors open the sound from the dash goes in and out like a loose connection. Was finally able to get it started when was jumped by a tow truck but the card died within a few minutes after it was released from the tow truck..I am not sure if it's the alternator due to all the electrical problems that I'm seeing inside the car. This is the first time it has happened.
My mileage is averaging 20 mpg. I have an insuffient erg flow code. The rpm fluctuates I have replaced the mass air flow sensor 4 times and the egr valve was replaced and a new throttle position sensor. It helps for awhile and then started having problems when it got cold.
I tried replacing the MAF sensor no change iou f I unplug the Made it will run but irradicly any ideas would be appreciated
I installed a new alternator and a new battery in it, but the battery light still comes on shut my car off
I believe my owners manual says it relates to the content alrm or something. Thanks
Grand prix gtp super charged 2000 3.8 when hot loss of power then stalls for up to 60 minutes b4 i can stary
Car stalls when hot cold runs great and hot it revs unevenly 200 rpm 800 back and forth
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