1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Questions

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I put a new fuel pump in it and a new fuel filter and it still won't run what else could it be
I stopped at store last night, went to leave nothing, it does not crank but all the lights come on. Husband tested the battery and it is fine. He even went and bought a new battery. Still nothing. Anyone know what it could be?
We have checked our fuses and switched them out. When we check it with our computer it turns on but when we take it to the emissions we can't get it to read.
It's stuck and done did everything to get it off.
Need to know we're pressure silinod is located
I bought this car used and all the stats that are supposed to show such as "fuel used, avg econ, oil life, and range" all flash zeros on my screen. I have tried the reset button but to no avail, it does not change. The TCS button to the right of it also does not seem to turn anything on. Any recommendations?
so i bought my car used and when i turned on the ac it didnt work till i put it on level 3 and now it wont work till i put it on max. whats the reason for this?
We think we are having tranny issues, and noticed that the HUD scrambles up and down when it is shifting into overdrive.
It smelled like wire burning and I was wondering what could cause it. It comes on but that is about it. I took it to Autozone but they weren't able to run the codes
ran out of gas and the car cut off. after adding more gas it wont start back up
won't shift
Or timing belt? How can I tell if it was ever changed?
while driving the other day my car turned off and would not stay running replaced belts and batere.checked the alternator it has gas fule pump was replaced need car for work cant aford to not fix it
my car only clicks once and then just dings four times . some times when my blinker is on to turn left its like there is no power. or when i push the hazards in it seems normal. i have no read out on my OBD2 reader when i plug it into the car. why?
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