1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Questions

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Po 300 mostly on 3 & 6 have had po303 but no po306
My grand prix has an after market remote start. I lost the remote start so my dad wired a toggle switch strait from the battery to the starter. It worked at first. The next morning I started my car, drove about 10 miles then my car dies without warning. Won't crank at all. Figured something he installed got shorted so I tried to arc the starter with a screwdriver just to get it home and it starts smoking bad. I'm confused because the starter can't cause the car to die while driving it right? Please help.
Only when idle when driving it runs fine
The car starts with 45lbs fuel pressure than runs rough until it drops down to nothing and stalls.I replaced the resistor inside the right front wheel well and the car ran great for two weeks and is doing the same thing again
I purchased a 1997 GP. It didn't have the alternator on it so it was running off battery. After I put the alternator back on when I plug it in, the engine stalls. After doing this a couple of times I took the alternator off and had it checked. The tech said the alternator checked out fine. Any ideas
When driving, the dash lights on my 1997 grand prix GTP will randomly flash or flicker, and sometimes the ABS light will come on, and sometimes the air bag light will come on, then when I come to a full stop, my car has no power to accelerate. The petal is pushed to the floor and the RPM's shoot up, but the car barely moves. If I turn the car off for about 30 secs, it will run like nothing was wrong. If I'm not at a place where I can turn it off, the steering and braking is very hard. Sometimes this happens 4-5 times a day and sometimes not for 4-5 months. My mechanic changed the ignition switch. I've been told it is a grounding issue. It doesn't act up reliably enough to check diagnostic codes. ?This has been happening on and off for about 4-5 years. Transmission was replaced 3 years ago.
my 97 grand prix gtp stalls while driving down the road. it happens at hwy and city speeds. I can sometimes restart it while coasting down the road right after a stall. other times I have to wait a few minutes until it will start. I have had it hooked up to a scan tool and the error code was misfire cylinder 4. I have replaced the spark plugs and spark plug wires. I also replaced the vaccum line that has to d0 with the fuel pressure.
my Pontiac grand prix gtp stalls without any warning. it has happened at both city speeds and highway speeds. Sometimes when it quits I can restart while coasting down the road, and other times it wont start for a few minutes. I just bought the car a month ago and im not familiar with the grand prix gtp
how to make a timing chain tensioner adjustment
I went took my girl to work then came home tryed to start it it starts an then cuts off after 5 sec changed resistors still doin the samething
P0300 and p0301 keep popping up and my engine shakes bad at 10 or less mph I have changed spark plugs and wires no help im not sure if my ignition controller is bad or what it just happend last week I even changed the egr and thermastat no clue and I dont think vacuum leak. .. any ideas. ..
when cruising 50 mph or 60 if i give it some gas the rpm's go up and then slowly come back down before it starts to gain any mph is that transmission slipping or what
occasionally there is nothing when you turn the key. If I turn the fanbelt just a little, it will start. The crank position sensor was changed with original part about 6 months ago.
all of sudden wheel got very hard to turn,than wheel keeps turning around and around ?? checked steering fluid and was ok??
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