2008 Pontiac Grand Prix Questions

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my 08 grand prix stalls when I first start it up we have changed the mass air flow censor many times and it still is doing it would a bad o2 censor cause this problem it only stalls once and then restart it runs fine someone please help I am a mom of 2 and need my car
It always starts with no problem and the car is well maintained.
I just had my intake manifold gaskets, intake plenum gasket, thermostat bypass pipe, radiator fluid, and thermostat all replaced. Now I am having my check engine light come on with a code of p0106. When I reset the code it comes back along with the check engine light. It runs very good and has lots off power. The only issue is that when the code first appeared it was under heavy acceleration. The car jerked very hard three times and the check engine light came on. Now after resetting the code and driving slow the check engine light and code always come back. What is wrong?
2008 Grand Prix . High beams work but running lights won't come on. Fuses are good , bulbs seem good . If one bulb is bad will this cause both not to work? Or is there something else to look for?
when I turn on blower at high heat level I don't get hot air.
I keep hitting switch to cut them off but nothing is happening they just keep coming back on.
Leaking coolant in 3 locations upper intake manifold(2) and timing gasket or valve i believe. Is it cheaper to fix these issues if under $800 or buying a used engine i know that shouldn't cost more than 1200
At first it would click when i turned the wheel to the right side an someone told me it might be your axel. Then check it the boot is torn. Next few days it got to grinding a lil went to a brake shop the told me all my brakes are fine. So I'm wondering is it my axel making that noise? Or somthing completely different
Over a 4000 mile period L/R tire worn on the outside of tread to the wire cord.this What could cause this, bearings/trailing arm bushing/alignment?
I tried to seal it with chalk but it went thru what should I do I have to put towels on each corner for when it rains because I have subwoofers and don't want them to get damp please help
The headlights will turn on and off by themselves when the car is just sitting. Nobody will be in the car and it won't be running. It seems to happen at random times. This is very persistent and kills the battery almost daily.
Ticking type noise in the motor at high acceleration
Intake manifold or head gasket -- is it possible overheating is caused by one thing and oil in coolant another?
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