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If I’m going 70mph my rpms will only be just pass 2k no higher then 2500. And just recently my check engine light came on. And I also have a transmission cooler line leak. Please help. Should I stop driving the car until I’m able to get it fixed in 2 weeks? And how bad is what I’m describing?
my dashboard keeps saying it,it just came on a couple of days ago and i just had my tires checked.
I've replaced the blower motor and the resistor, the blower motor still did not come on. can you help please....
installed new plugs and wires ,injectors cleaned throttle body code reads plug 4 fault so I changed it yet again also checked all coil packs . any ideas out there
temperature is running hot..radiator and water pump have been replaced in the last leaks seen..has water..what could be causing..temp raises mostly while at a light..started a week ago..five minutes driving its hot
I am trying to avoid a 500 charge to be safe?
My car shows the ABS braking light is on, but I didn't notice any change in the performance of my brakes. Could it be an electronics problem?
The dashboard indicates to service tire pressure monitor. I checked my tires and the pressure is normal (~30 psi).
Even though my brakes are working fine, it always indicates I have low braking fluid when I make turns.
Drove from Colorado to Minnesota never had a problem with the car now I will not go into reverse or drive it starts and runs sounds good I am back in Colorado Garza Minnesota need to know what to do the cheapest
Every time I try to accelerate the engine runs rough., black smoke in my tail pipe it hesitates when I try speeding
No OBD II codes. Disconnect ignition control module and reconnect and car will start and run until. Once it dies it will crank but not start or it will start once and die almost immediately. Problem is not temperature related.
if i replace the turn signal switch will it fix my lights? my high beam lights also come on when i make a right turn.
usually happens when backing out of parking space.
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