2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Questions

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Its like jerking like it doesn’t want to go when i press on the gas. My brother told me it could be my cadilica converyter stopped up
I just got this 05 GRAND prix, and the HUD is not working. I checked fuses and connections, but still does not work. Any ideas
All the rest of the lights work fine like the headlights work and brake lights are working too including the 3rd brake light any help would be appreciated
sometimes when u crank the car and put in drive the t.c light comes on and acts real sluggish in drive but in rev. its fine.when u shut it off and crank it again it would be fine,but now it like that allthe time
It was perfectly fine till I had a leak from the pan..the man broke a screw from the was driving before this
Security light comming dashboard cranks but will not turn over
How much does exust baffle
Running. Loud when first. Starts
I had the throttle body and serpentine belt replaced about a week ago.
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