2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Questions

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my car has a warning light that say going into power save mode , the gas pedel goes to mush , the car acts like its not getting enough gas. i have replaced the fuel pump , and the sensers , and even put gas treatment in , all helped a little
blower motor will not turn on, to heat or defrost windsheild
What seems to make the problem better or worse? not working at need to replace
How long have you had this problem? just bought it 2 weeks ago
How much please?
I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT and while i was driving on highway my whole entire car died, like had no power steering or brakes so i coasted it off highway and was able 2 get it pulled home. Found out my serpentine belt was all frayed and ripped apart so replaced the belt and now my car wont start at all. It will crank but not turn over. So left it for like a week and now when i go and try to start it all it does is click...Plz help
My car jerk a lot when I turn the ac on
I notice that I get less gas mileage and I have to slow down in inclement weather. My brakes feel weird, even though I have brakes.
Car will not start or crank using key, I can get it to crank by jumping relay with a paperclip but will not fire
It is 12 hours off every day
theres a short by my battery that if you wiggle car starts car loses all power then you wiggle the little blue box by battery and it starts till wire loosens again
I done changed the accelerator pedal,the maf sensor and the throttle body,what else could it be?
Someone pulled 4,6 plug wire off without her knowing when it started it was missing bad she held it to the floor. Now it's flooding really bad and white smoke out the tail pipe and smells like raw gas. I change number 1 injection the plugs and oil didn't help getting gas in my oil now
My heat and air only blows out whenever I am driving about 50. Even then it isn't very much air.
The driver side window is stuck in down position and won't come up when pressing on the switch.
Wiper blades complete the cycle but stop at the center of the windshield
plenty of battery, just one loud click when I turn the key
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