2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Questions

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replacing the rear brake lines on a pontiac grand prix do you need to drop the gas tank
The serpentin belt broke we were replaced it then couldn't get it started battery was fine poley's were turning finally after having it hook to jumper cables for a long time finally got to turn over got a home it sat for a couple hours and now can't get it started again
Imntrying tk do the 3pmin relearn lrocedure for my nee key and the difectjon s say the messafe center should go off after 10min bjt kne doesmt ever go off what do i do
Had a small leak where fitting is had to top up brake fluid every 4-5 days now the leak got worse I fill up brake fluid reservoir and as soon as I use brakes it pisses outta reservoir cause leak is worse where fitting is and I lose a lot of fluid and brakes get low in fluid so the pedal goes to floor. Only leak is where fitting is on line just under drivers side of car. Fitting in first line leaks.
I fill brake fluid reservoir and if car not running or is running if you don't use brakes the fluid stays up. When I press brakes it leaks out quick under drivers side right where fitting is was small leak but now it pours through fitting quite a bit now when u pump brakes the only brake fluid leaks are from the fitting on front brake line
I had a poor connection between the battery and cables, while trying to tighten the cables down and trying to start it several times, I finally got a good connection but then it wouldn't turn over, after several more times of trying to turn it over and giving it gas, the car started but the reduced engine power light is now on and smells of rich fuel.
my car has a warning light that say going into power save mode , the gas pedel goes to mush , the car acts like its not getting enough gas. i have replaced the fuel pump , and the sensers , and even put gas treatment in , all helped a little
blower motor will not turn on, to heat or defrost windsheild
What seems to make the problem better or worse? not working at need to replace
How long have you had this problem? just bought it 2 weeks ago
How much please?
I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT and while i was driving on highway my whole entire car died, like had no power steering or brakes so i coasted it off highway and was able 2 get it pulled home. Found out my serpentine belt was all frayed and ripped apart so replaced the belt and now my car wont start at all. It will crank but not turn over. So left it for like a week and now when i go and try to start it all it does is click...Plz help
My car jerk a lot when I turn the ac on
I notice that I get less gas mileage and I have to slow down in inclement weather. My brakes feel weird, even though I have brakes.
Car will not start or crank using key, I can get it to crank by jumping relay with a paperclip but will not fire
It is 12 hours off every day
theres a short by my battery that if you wiggle car starts car loses all power then you wiggle the little blue box by battery and it starts till wire loosens again
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