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Where is starter located
sounds like wants to turn over but no other noises
I had been driving the car for about two hours on 10/17/2017. On my way back home and turning onto my street, I start hearing this loud ticking or tapping sound. I parked the car, listen to see where it was coming from. I noticed a faint smell of rubber burning or a wire...not sure. I quickly turned the engine off got out of the car. The sound was coming from under the hood. The car has very low mileage (36,417). In July 2017, oil change, fluids checked and purchased 4 new tires, brakes are good, no squeaking, rubbing, no check engine or service messages etc., did not appear. Thanks for the help!
put additive in, change fluid color was good.
After driving bout 20min my service engine soon light came on and my oil light what do I do?
I dealt with this problem last Spring, and took my car to a Pontiac Certified dealer service center to get the problem fixed. They replaced the blower motor and resistor. But now, the blower only works on setting five, and on settings 1-4 my Day Running Lights go out. There are days that my lights won't come on at all unless I turn them on manually. I really wish I knew what was going wrong. I've heard that it may have something to do with the ignition switch or the wires on the same. Any advice would be helpful, because I don't want to get robbed blind for another $600 to get this issue handled again. I'm hoping it's just blown fuses, but don't know exactly how to check those out. Please help, and accept my appreciation for your time and advice.
When I am driving the speedometer will drop to 0 and times the the transmission will seem like it in nutreul. I have replaced the speed sensor and the range sensor and the instrument cluster in the dash and still have the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.
Water is not mixing with oil.
and coil module had coils checked still will not start any clues? It was going around the corner and stalled hasn't started since.HELP
i havent had the car for very long.. okay, it shifts hard most of the time, and it seems to not want to down shift, i have to put it in 1st if im climbing a hill or it dies, it dies at stop lights too. it has alot of hesitation, then 2 days ago i drove my car about 15 miles no problems, when i went to leave and pull out on the hwy my car wouldnt shift out of 2nd gear and my odomiter stopped working at the same time.yes i checked my fluids i do all the time. i had to replace to crank shaft cencor and the cam shaft needs to be replaced as well. the trans axl filter and fluid was not done my the pre owners but i bought the things i need to do it today.eitherway it has 120000 miles on it.
I have replaced a bad hub bearing and cleared the codes that indicated it was bad. The ABS still engages while driving and when I brake in non hazardous conditions. Tried hooking it up to a scanner but the car shuts the scanner off, any suggestions on how to repair?
We just started buying it and today I look it up and it has all these recalls did we just get a lemon?the place were we are getting it we got a 30,000 mile warranty on it what to do?
The ignition switch would not return to it's normal position. I could not remove the key and the engine would keep running.
My mechanic did something which allowed it to stay in the accessory position.
The car continues to operate and I can insert and remove the key and drive normally.
However as soon as I open the door, the warning sound chimes and it has also disabled the 4 way lock.
Does this locked ignition compromise the airbag system?
Is it part of a GM recall that they would repair it no charge?

Thank you.
109k mileage. When shifting it feels like a kick almost, from stop to start sometimes not accelerating, when it does accelerate there is a sudden kick. Then between 30-40 mph shifting twice. Is this my transmission, or "normal" for this model?
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