2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Questions

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I am trying to do a fuel pressure test on my car but I can not find the Schrader valve. I've seen many things online that say it's on or near the fuel rail but I can't even find that under my hood. Please. Help
2002 Pontiac Grad Prix ABS light and Trac off lights coming on.
Started back up but ran very rich and wanted to turn off still but kept running sputterd one time at 60mph on way home . Has happened 2 times already after adding fuel
Light still comes on when 1st start the car. Goes out after a couple minutes driving ???
It also has like oil leak all over the bottom, my coolant light keeps coming on but it aint empty
do i have to drill it out or is the another way?
Replacement cost
Bought a new battery and still car wouldn't start even with a jump. The power windows won't work.the defrost only blows out cold air?
The defrost turned on only cool air comes on. No heat...I checked the coolant and it's ok. Car temperature meter reading hot.
I bought a new battery for my 2002 pontaic grand prix and in am my car would not start. Even with a jump start. Why won't my car start?
My car feels like slipping of the transmission but it occurs when I take off from a stop or going uphill
I actually found the problem a few days ago. Bf put in in the shop, returned yesterday and he told me that it was a busted line. No more details than that. Today he called saying that it just isn't shifting right. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated greatly!! Need help ASAP
Never done this before could hear like suctioned air when pushed brake peddle
Does the brain to the car have to be reset?
The High Idle happens sometimes when cold or sometimes when hot. The TPS and EGR have been replaced along with Throttle Body thoroughly cleaned.

The only code that has intermittently shown up is one for the TPS. The TPS has been replaced 2 times.

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