2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Questions

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What pulley could it be
Lights, radio, and lights all work. Happened after jumping a friends car. Not the starter, Tried a button starter, will not make any sound or no warning. Simply will not start.
N it was hard to turn my wheel is it my power steering pump n if so what parts will i need to fix it
I'll change the course pack the crank sensor the fuel filter in my car still wont start I took it to 3 people and each person said it's not getting a spark so can someone please tell me what else do I need to do is not the security we done check that so what else could it possibly be please help me?
It don't do it every time but it happens alot.I mean you can push the gas petal all the way down and it will push out of it.but it a like after you take your foot off that's when it starts going
the car battery died and started right up after being jumped off. Now the car engine is running, but won't shift from park to drive. The rpm gage is jumping up even though I'm not accelerating. What could be causing this to happen?
It's coming from behind the crank shaft pulley it seems like from the housing it causes my car to over heat and not put out any heat whatsoever how can I fix it
heater only works on high and daytime running lights go out on 1 thru 4. i have changed the resistor.
Battery is charged but it just clicks if u boost rolls over real slow
Yesterday i rolled down my driver side front window half way then went to roll it back up and nothing. hit the down button again and it rolls down just fine, but will not move up at all. all other windows roll up and down with no problems, is this a bad switch or motor?
I reset the computer. Now car starts but won't go in gear and gauges don't work.
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