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2000 grand prix gtp..amber light on foglight switch does not turn on . Neither do fog lights.. also headlights.low beam seems as if its running at power of DRL.and no hibeams
i can turn the air on an you here the air trying to blow through vents but it barely comes out
The car is not running any different than normal so i need to know things it could be and repair cost
My car was running great then it shuts off it did not run hot or anything it will turn over but will not start there is no water in the oil what could be the problem
Goes in reverse and forward I've been told its the transmission, transmission sensor, and catalyic converter....?
At higheay speed sometimes the car will "shutter" and the tac will drop to zero. Sometimes nothing else will happen, sometimes it will try to stall and I will have to work the accelerator to keep it from stalling. During that "rough running" period the engine will heat up. Once I get through the rough period the engine cools off but the tac doesn't come back. If it DOES stall, it usually takes 20-30 trys to get it started again. But sometimes it will start right up.
Again I need to know what it is and how I
I recently had my secondary air pump and both check valves replaced to get an inspection. The car ran good no engine light. now after an Oil change my engine light is back on and my gas mileage is very poor, it reduced drastically. any idea on what the issue could be?
Also had valves replaced. Only runs hot sometimes. Lost most of coolant during the night when it was cold.
I have a 2000 Daytona 500 Grand Prix Supercharged. I am constantly having to put Anti Freeze in reservoir. I travel to work and have smelled the AF after stopping the engine. Help!
Ridding crocked
Feels like its on Aug not gripping the rode

Track control off light stays on and the RPM drops to zero. Car idles too fast. Key gets stuck in ignition. Can anyone help me?
My radiator fans are not turning on at all. Which is causing my car to run very hot and overheat. I've checked the relays and that's not the problem. I for one do not know how to troubleshoot this issue. I don't know whether I should just replace the temperature sensor or the fan motors themselves.
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