1999 Pontiac Grand Prix Questions

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.....are you open on saturday. want to discover If new parts needs to be Installed.
When driving the car it jerks really bad then it died. It turns over but can't get it to start. Already replaced the Cadillac Converter, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, fuel injector, air filter, Mass Air Flow Sensor and O2 sensor.
My driver side window moves very slowly when going up or down. Can the motor itself be fixed or replaced?
I'm due for changing the battery out and would like to know.
The light only comes on when I first start up, then goes off, but sometimes comes back on after I've driven for over 30 minutes.
i took a 120 mile round trip yesterday and today it started putting pretty bad and it felt like it didnt want to accelerate well and when i came to a stop the car died and when i turned it over it has spark and power it just wont start very well
replaced mass air flow filter now car wont start
What would cause water to get in all my cylinders? I was driving when my SES light started flashing it started running rough like a misfire was present so I immediately pulled over and shut off the car. Waited a few minutes then tried to restart where at that point it turned over but was very difficult shut off and tried to restart but would not even crank over. I had just replaced the crankshaft position sensor ,camshaft sensor, coil packs and did a tune up a few days before. Car has had regular maintenance and has 286,ooo milles was running excellent up until this point
car was stalling when i first start driving not hot yet then it tries to start but wont turn over like its not getting gas what do i check
let engine cool runs good,stays running does not shut down
It happens when I try to accelerate quickly. If I go slowly, I don't notice it.
It's shaking dragging and when I stopped at a light it cut off. It is now loud and has a foul smell
My car has a 3.8 and has 42 psi fuel pump pressure. Has 150,000 miles. It idles up when the A/C compressor kicks out and dies when the compressor kicks in. When going down the road is misses at times and now my mass air flow sensor has a code after I cleaned it. It usually dies at stop lights but starts back up.
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