1998 Pontiac Grand Prix Questions

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Im having an issue with my 98 grand prix. It runs hot (doesnt over heat) and the fans seem to be running slow. According to the gauge in the car everything is fine when Im running down the highway doing 65mph-70mph . Once I exit the highway thats when it starts getting hotter (gauge reads about 210*). Do the fans have a high speed and if so do both run at a higher speed or just one? Im trying to figure out how exactly the are supposed to work so I can diag them to see if theres an issue or not.
When I step on the gas I lose oil. Pressure and oil squirts out the bottom
want change gear, cannot get out of park. cannot get out of the park gear.
I changed the window motor, regulator and switch on drivers side door. The passenger side switch works, a little slow, but does its job. Using drivers side switch, rolling both passenger and drivers side up or down doesn't always work. It works the first few tries but then quits. Then if you wait a few minutes it will work a few tries again... The cycle continues. So is it a wiring problem or what, where do I look or what are the next steps?
Changed today drove about five miles car cut off and won't start.
Downstream ak at map sensor, melted MAP sensor ground wire, fans then shut down,replaced thermostat,plugs melted off.replace the plugs. At 30Mph it was dead in the water. Got it home & pulled codes 141, 171, 300. Replaced Downstream o2 sensor,battery, engine thermal sensor (under thermostat housing). Achieved idiocracy by erasing codes and evading loop mode. Coil check acceptable , correct resistance at plug wire connection on top, continuity though no resistance on bottom of coils. No trigger signal present at ignition module w/ homemade LED tester and engine cranking over.Temp light on Comm..Makes plugged, then flooded sound when attempting to start. Found pcm in 2000 bonneville that I can have reprogrammed for $100, but have recently spent $300 + $7,000 in suspension,steering components, cabin components instruments and tires and wheels, prof. body work+ have much love into it. Is there a temp sensor capable of causing shutdown or no start, or could it be a knock sensor
do I need to pull motor
whats wrong
when I took off shift knob, there is a yellow plastic stem that is broken. without the shift knob, I press down on this stem piece and car goes into gear perfectly. so what is this plastic stem piece called and how do I replace it? thank you
After about 2-3 min my car will start surging and then die. Normal operating temp. Starts right back up. No codes, no lights come on on the dash. Have replaced the IAC valve but stilldoing it. Could the MAF OR TP sensor be bad?
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