1993 Pontiac Grand Prix Questions

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1993 Pontiad Grand prix 3.1 , stalls at low RPM and starts back up with no problem. I have replaced the TPS,Crank sensor, MAP, IAC,Air sensor,fuel filter. What next?
Auto door locks won't open. How can I disable them?
Im having trouble with a pushrod seat being to far down
It doesn't stall every time I put in reverse but every so often it does. Car is an automatic and starts right back up with no problems when it does stall
Vehicle has ALL original parts from the manufacturer
It starts to vibrate when I stop at a light, stop sign, or in traffic and the car is in drive. If I switch to neutral is goes away!
The fuel pump was changed about a year ago then a month latter it started blowing the fuse I replaced the fuel pump relay please help
The adjustable part of the seat is broken and it only lies flat. I don't think just that part can be replaced so need another seat.
I have tried several places online and a few wrecking yards but still haven't found one.
Car is shut off, doors are closed, lights are off, key out of ignition, turn signals are off and no reason for the chimes to still be sounding. How do I get them to turn off?
Reverse is now like neutral. Shortly after the failure, and occasionally, I could drive forward, hit the brakes, shift into reverse, and reverse would work and hold firm. Now, nothing. I almost want to rule out worn reverse bands or discs. I am wondering if there is some type of electronic switch that has failed. Advise.
Signed, McTeague
I cleaned the throttle body, IAC, EGR, and still have idle and stalling while still.
How to replace back lights when burnt out.
I turned on my ignition and the speedo pegs out and drops back to 0. I never tried to start it. Crazy!
I have replaced gas cap and put new hoses on charcoal canister but did not help. It comes on more when you get below a half a tank of gas
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