1992 Pontiac Grand Prix Questions

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I recently had my car serviced for an ignition control module replacement. I noticed this morning that I had smoke coming from under my hood and a greenish fluid leaking. The engine temp wasn't off and the leak was on the driver side of the engine bay. I found a steady leak from my upper radiator hose. I found the part number at NAPA and can purchase it at NAPA for about $16. Is this a very difficult repair or can I perform this myself? I am a college student with absolutely depleted funds after my last repair. If I can fix it myself, I would prefer to do so but don't want to ruin everything on the same token. Thanks for your help!
A garage told me my ventilator control module was bad. GM no longer makes this part (Is there a substitute?). The garage told me they would find it for me, but it would probably cost about $300. Can this be correct?
The power windows and HVAC started working sporadically and now they don't work at all. The power door locks still work fine. Would this part be the cause of these problems?
The hose that is leaking is visible and easily accessible. The part is also available at any parts store.
want to change it but need to be sure of labor/materials needed
vehicle idles very fast like at about 3000 rpm and goes down to about 1500 rpm after about 15 minutes of driving. I was told the idle air control valve may be the issue.
is a spring compressor tool required when replacing rear struts on my 1992 grand prix ,is there another way of compressing the spring w/o the using the j 35778 tool if it is needed .
can't i buy just the handle pull mechanism for driver side of a 1992 pontiac grand prix.
I have noticed coolant on the serpentine belt as well as squeaking on occasion ,recently it has been getting worse .
oil keeps getting thrown back onto air filter causing it to clog and not breath properly and making us have to replace filter every 2-3 months because pvc valve needs replaced
oil keeps getting thrown back onto air filter causing it to clog and not breath properly and making us have to replace about every 2-3 months
module has rusted and broken loose from the rack and pinon. Can it be replaced without replacing the whole rack and pinon.
Thank you for all the help you have given me. This has helped me a whole lot I will let you know the out come. Thanks again Mastertech6371 I work on cars a lot would like your advice if needed in the future.
if i can't clear the heater core, what is the best way to remove the heater core on this 1992 grand prix
how would you recommend i flush the system? the radiator is good. could i take the side of the hester hose that i can disconnect and take my garden hose and connectit to the heater hose and flush it that way?
would the blend door before the heater core cause the same problem as a plugged heater core if the door was not working right?
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