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diagnostic code says code 42
I went for a trip to California and came back and the next day went to start my car and put in in gear and it slides through them all. I checked if it was the shift lock and that seems to be fine. Wondering if you guys could help. I dont know anything about pontiac transmissions.
i have replaced ignition module,coils,spark plugs and wires ,but i still get diagnostic code 42
all new parts are as follows... water pump, fuel pressure reg., thermostat. p0155 car starts, purs then dies when temp. reaches 200 then will only start when cools
your turning key back off
starts a few secounds and dies
I have changed water pump/computer/fuel injectors(all)/fuel pump/fuel tank/filter/tune-up/fuel relay/disconnected anti-theft..and still the car stalls. It is running fine now that it is winter. However once the warmer weather gets here...back to the stalling. I have even disconnected the relay for low coolant but that still does not make it start. It seems to be an overheating relay of some sort. Rad levels are up. Any is driving my mechanic nuts and my wallet to the poor house. It is a very ghostly issue..Thanks Amy
The charcoal canister on my 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix had only one hose connected to one of the three ports at the top of the canister, when I got the car. A strong smell of gas emanates from the car when I park it in my garage. Additionally, there is no real solid bottom on the canister. It is open to the air and I can see the white canister filter that sets against a screen that is further up into the underside of the canister. Is this normal and where do the other hoses from the ports lead to?
the car overheated. I put coolant in it, but it leaked out as fast as I put it in the radiator. it leaks only from the back of the engine, not from the radiator or block.I cant get to the freeze plug to replace it.
Car starts and idles just fine but when gas is pressed it dies. tried the computer, catililitic converter, fuel regulator.
bad water leak
i replaced abs module etc with regular brake master cyl etc
how can i get abs lights etc to not come on since there is
no abs but it had several wires left hanging, thanks
car runs fine at idle but when it warms up and when the gas pedal is pressed it cuts off
can i route the belt without the smog pump being on.
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