2004 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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my car will go into reverse but when u put t in drive or low 1,2,3 it acts like its in neutral
I want to replace sensor and its in an area that is not easy to get to with certain tools.
Won't go more then25 miles a hour
It is behind the air bag I want to say
After draining the car started and then when added coolant it stopped again. Water in 6,4,3 which is weird. gonna pull intake and perhaps head gaskets. Just dont understand why the leaks are on two different heads.
The A/C unit does not work. I tried to add refig. but can't get the compressor to Engage.
went thru a lot of water and car stalled. I have replace the starter car will not start
the engine overheats and the fan will not start
car stars fine but when I shut the car down I I open the door and leave the car the radio still plays,the batterie and oil pressure light stays on and iam scared to drain the battery so I unplug the negative cable off the battery.the security light doesn't always appear but car starts and runs fine.there is a clicking annoying sound with the flashers and the flashers work when it wants too.
is it normal when your key is out of the ignition and you get out of the car and you have a security and battery and some sort of motor signals in the dash by the speedometer.i have to disconnect the negative cable on the battery so I don't drain the battery.... please help me find the solution thank you
it is in the front of the car its not coming from the pan...its coming either the starter or right above it its leaking pretty bad
It seems to stop making the noise after going a few yards almost like it has warmed up or lubricated itself. Any ideas what to check and how much it may cost me?
I already have to to get a head gasket job done. the garage never notice why I kept losing antifreeze, until one they I was checking car out and noticed my fans were not kicking on. I bought fan relay and there you go they went on but only lastet a week. I notice they never shut off so I think I should of put a fan module realay to. know I cant get them to go on I brought it to my garage and he charged me 30 bucks to line it up with chalk and he said the chalk line moved so they were working but they engine gets hot and the antifreeze slowly comes out of resevior. I am think to hook up fan to battery and add a switch to turn on and off. would that do any damage. because it works if I hook up to battery. any help would be great.any
i only bought the car about 5 months ago i had to replace the front driver side wheel bearing and thay told me everything is all good but my abs light and track off light is on and now my service vehical soon light is on what can i do to get them to turn off...i have looked it up in the book and i still cant get the lights to go off if u can help me out or tell me some way to get them lights off that would be great....well thanks and hope to here back.....
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