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New plugs, wires, catalytic converter, 02 sensors, egr valve & battery have all been replaced.

I ended up in a ditch because my cv joint snapped and it took out the strut assembly. The tow guy/roadside mechanic said I need to fix those two things as well as a lower arm control and a "knuckle" whatever that is. What would be a fair labor price for this work I already have the parts got them for decent amount but don't want to get squeezed for the repair. And does anyone know what he meant by knuckle no one seems to who I've talked with?
Thanks in advance

friend forgot to bring code reader as I stated it gets fire air and spark but just wont "bust over" as he said.... car also has factory installed anti theft does this need to be bypassed or the ecu flashed to get old codes out, running out of money and need car on the road

Security light flashing. Did reset but your information said this is only temporary and will do it again. Thanks for you help.

Need a repair manual that doesn't cost 200.00 and includes the 2004 grand am. I've checked all parts stores and amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as Hastings and have had no luck

It stalled it started spudering like it was out of gas i have gas in it now it won't turn over

So what u think is the problem

This happens often (the "Security" light comes on) and within a short amount of time, the car will not start and is completely disabled. The malfunctioning system can be over ridden by turning the key to the "on" position until the blinking light goes out in approx. 10 minutes. This is a great frustration. Many people have this same problem. Many. Lets all report this like I did to the link below to start an investigation whether this should be a recall situation. This can be done online by contacting DOT government complaints. Thank you.

The turn signals sound like they are on as well. The check engine light also just came on. It didnt start at work like two weeks ago. I just waited till after work and it started. Fuses look good as well as all the fluids. Fuel pump kicks on, im just not getting started.

It will go to the floor and the car will only slow down some unless i pump them a few times then they will work fine they don't make any notices the brake fluid was a little low but i filled it up about 2 months ago a if it has a leak its a very small one

Just bought this car . Guy said it worked a month ago when he got it inspected . All the other lamps work ( head lights , brake lights , running lights ) . What could be the problem?

I had stopped at a parts store to get a new spark plug wire because I noticed on one when I pulled it off that it was broken. I just bought this car last month and god knows what all is wrong with it. anyway, we changed the broken spark plug wire and then I started the car and it started shaking violently and I thought oh my god now what. good thing I was only a few blocks from home. so I turned it off and started on the other repair work which was replacing the thermostat. (it was stuck open) We got that replaced and then tried to start the car, it misfired 3 times so we shut it off and put a code reader on it and it came up with P0300 Random misfire. So Im thinking change spark plugs,spark plug wires maybe egr valve? what do you suggest? when I took out the spark plugs the ones in front were more fouled than the back ones which I thought odd and the spark plug wire in the back on number 1 spark plug was shorting out so I went ahead and replaced all the spark plug wires. I also noticed the car being very hard to start which may be a bad fuel filter? This is a 2004 Pontiac grand Am SE1 6 cyl. I hope I dont have to replace the coil packs too. :(