2004 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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I have to pump my brakes and fidget with the key to get it to turn and start.
Every time it blows all dash board components stop working (i.e.: speedometer gas gauge rpms). Blinkers and lights on dash board continue to work.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Not sure just happens when I replace the fuse
How long have you had this problem? Month or so
I have a 2004 grand am the car was working fine. I went to start the car and it won't turn to start like it's locked. I tried turning the wheel but it isn't locked.
It drinks gas it sometimes turns off when you make right turns and we have replaced a lot of parts and tested many others now the gas hand doesn't work now
When I 2004 Pontiac Grand Am key will not turn all steps to try remove lock cylinder will not work. Already ordered replacement parts if key will not turn is it possible to remove in tire assembly with ignition lock cylinder still inside of ignition switch does it require to remove the wires to turn the key. I know to remove the cylinder itself you must turn the key which is why I bought the total assembly with cylinder. Have not attempted to remove.
My check engine light came on it said air mass flow sensor
My runs for a couple of days when I turn off it want crank but later it will crank
I replace my starter cause when I try starting it the car be wanting to start it just make a click sound
After I did and cut it off it want crank back up had starter replaced
Looks like anti freeze or is it defrosting
I hear a rubbing sound every time i hit my brakes all the way down or even sometimes when i turn and don't even use my brakes.
Replaced battery and alternator. Thought problem was fixed. Drove the car about 60 miles. Battery light came on, air bag light came on, fuel light came on and fuel gauge went to empty. All dash lights lit up and car sputtered and died. Don't know what to do!!
I changed the spark plugs and wires and coils and cleaned the egr and the maf and the cat I cleaned it as well what else can I do
Will not turn to on position to start car
My car turns over but will not start wants to but doesn't
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