2004 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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I need to know where the fuse for the cruise control is in the fuse box under the hood
not making contact with another piece causing the blower to not blow air.He said it may happen again and it did. I banged it and moved some wires around and it went back on but then failed again.Now i cant get it on at all and two people said no way is it in steering wheel . I stood right there when he showed me and it was under the cover of steering wheel. 05 trailblazer 4wd..6cyl
driving a long and it just stop. no fuel or fire tryed everthing
I have a Pontiac Grand Am with the 3.4 V6 and I recently had to have it towed home because it was juddering violently and seemed quite low on power. Since then, a friend of mine who has worked on cars has checked the codes on it. It registered a "cylinder 5 misfire". We replaced the leads and plugs to no avail. We rented a tool and found that there was (apparently) no coolant in the engine block. That said, the fouled cylinder and at least one other were fouled with coolant. My friend, without having examined any further, thinks it could be a bad valve lifter. I have tentatively arranged to get it towed to a repair shop for further investigation. When presented with the facts I so far have, the guy at the shop thought it could be a bad cylinder coil. However, since I do not want to drive it in its current state, I would likely have to get it towed to the shop. I just wanted to see if any of you think it may be worth trying to fix or if it would be better to scrap it?
2004 Pontiac grand am key will not turn at all steering is not locked... I've tried jyst about everything to get it to release nothing has worked.. help
Car turn over but want fire..
I'm going to tear apart my 2004 Grand Am GT to replace the head gasket, and want to make sure I handle all recommended replacements/cleanings while I'm at it. I'm getting a full gasket replacement kit, and I'll be doing the plugs and wires. Thermostat and water pump are already very new. It has 190,000 miles on it and I have no repair records to confirm whether anything else has ever been done to it. Anything else recommended?
I am at school for eight hours during the week and my car sits outside in the cold winter air and has nowhere to park it inside during those hours. I have had this problem before and it clearly was not fixed right the first time and I do not want to have to spend a whole lot on this repair. The window falls when I close my door and I am afraid that if it starts to snow when I am at school then that will be a big problem for me.
I have to pump my brakes and fidget with the key to get it to turn and start.
Every time it blows all dash board components stop working (i.e.: speedometer gas gauge rpms). Blinkers and lights on dash board continue to work.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Not sure just happens when I replace the fuse
How long have you had this problem? Month or so
I have a 2004 grand am the car was working fine. I went to start the car and it won't turn to start like it's locked. I tried turning the wheel but it isn't locked.
It drinks gas it sometimes turns off when you make right turns and we have replaced a lot of parts and tested many others now the gas hand doesn't work now
When I 2004 Pontiac Grand Am key will not turn all steps to try remove lock cylinder will not work. Already ordered replacement parts if key will not turn is it possible to remove in tire assembly with ignition lock cylinder still inside of ignition switch does it require to remove the wires to turn the key. I know to remove the cylinder itself you must turn the key which is why I bought the total assembly with cylinder. Have not attempted to remove.
My check engine light came on it said air mass flow sensor
My runs for a couple of days when I turn off it want crank but later it will crank
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