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When I press the gas pedal all the way, car accelerates slowly until 4000rpm, then remains at that rpm, then no more accel. When I ease up on gas pedal, about halfway, car shifts up (eg 3 to 4) and starts accelerating again. Even when accelerating (gas pressed 1/3-2/3 of the way), power is very low. My friend has the exact same car and it accelerates like a beast compared to my car. The issue does NOT seem to be that the engine is revving but no power is getting to the wheels due to power being lost in the transmission. The engine itself is slow to increase rpm and stops increasing after 4000. Car has had poor mileage for more than a year. I recently changed the fuel filter. Car only had code p0131 for o2 sensor voltage low. I changed sensor and reset computer, now same code is back. O2 sensor code has been in car for more than a year, but I didn't replace sensor until recently. I recently changed spark plugs, and MAF sensor seemed clean and fine. 130000 miles. Automatic transmission.
I was drivng and the ABS and battery light came on and my car turned off. We jumped it and it started. A couple blocks the lights came on i arrived home and the car turned off again. Do you know the problem?

Have no spark at coils...wen it does start runs good and starts untill it gets cold again. Got good fuel pressure and no missfires
what would make my car start shifting hard, and cutting out, after the fuses under hood, were messed with?
My light on cruise control doesn't work .it won't go into cruise control.
Car was fine and quiet pulling out of my driveway. Turned corner and stepped on gas and it sounded like my muffler fell off. Couldn't even accelerate
2003 Pontiac grand am key that have used for awhile won't turn inside ignition switch my car won't start because of this naturally what is this
Same key that's been starting car fits like normal in ignition switch but won't turn switch on or allow car to start . Never happened before. Checked all ignition switch fuses they are fine
Was driving my car home turned into driveway and it's shut itself off and will not start I turned in the security light came on and stayed on it never blinked or anything ...we put ignition and manifold in it and it's still not working plz help
what should i do. There looks like a factory amp is in my trunk, but i do not see a fuse box for it. please help
I'm having a problem with my brake lights, intermittently operating. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't work! Currently, they stay on and won't go out. I have taken the fuse out so the lights won't drain the battery. I know this is a problem the the Pontiac G6. I saw a video on You Tube and the mechanic fixed the problem by using dialectric grease on the on board "body computer" but that component is located in a different place on my Gran Am than it is on the G6. Can you tell me where I can find it? Thanks.
Temp gauge, air windows steroe fuel gauge not working car runs and stays running
I wasn't driving but it supposedly went up to 200 degrees... But didn't go over that, but the interior felt really hot I guess. Could that be the thermostat or just something that happens when the oil needs to be changed?
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