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the stereo was removed then put back in and now the car wont start.
I have had to replace my throttle sensor 4 times in the past year, I took it to the dealer and the only code showing is the throttle sensor. What could keep making this go bad? When I put the new one on my car drives fine for like 3 months, I'm puzzled on why this keeps happening. Can anyone answer this question for me? Also I'm not buying the sensor over and over, it has a lifetime warrenty on it. I also cleaned the throttle body this past weekend, and it cleaned up very nicely.
I have read where some have literally screwed the dash down. I don't know what's under it, I'm afraid I will damage something else. My daughter is going into the Air Force and she's always asking "Mom, can you fix my car?"
:( Someone please advise me. Thank you.
About a week ago I stopped to grab my mail on the way home, was only out of the car for about a minute and when I got back in it would not start, no cranking, nothing. I've had all of the common problems in the past so I am usually pretty good at figuring it out on my own, but I had the ECU replaced about 2 years ago and haven't had the security feature problem, or really anything electrical for that matter since. The security light is not blinking or showing, so its not that. I finally disconnected the battery and let it sit for about 6 hours, plugged it in and still nothing. I disconnected again and left it overnight, the next morning I plugged the battery and it and started right up. I drove it 3 days, and then it did it again. I unplugged the battery again overnight, started up the next day and worked until yesterday. I left yesterday morning and it started fine, parked it for about 2 hours and came out and it wouldn't start. I left the battery unplugged overnight and it still won't start. I had the battery tested today, I checked all of the Relays and Fuses, checked the connection to battery. I'm going to have someone come take the starter off and check that, but if it's not the starter I'm at a loss. I've been down this road before and dropped $800-$1000 just on diagnostics, so I do not want to do that. Hoping someone is familiar with these sensitive Grand Am electrical systems might have some advice.
if that's not the problem what else could it be that causes the security light for lock stay on stop car from starting
My car has lost all power n i ran out of gas. How do i start it after running out oc gas
any ideas where to check first? regular maintenance and changed the timing earlier this year just because the car was getting a lot of miles beginning noise
car seems to have been running fine but noticed the last week or so that it is drinking gas --any ideas?
parts need to be checked or changed? tune- up?
I checked fuel pump.battery, the firing order and everything was working fine.
only used car for 15 to 20 miles
can you help me please do not want to spend a lot of money
thank you
3.4l changed oil , next day found gas in oil again,i am baffeled, can you help
The head light on the car flashes during this rough idle. What would be the possible cause.
It failed for readiness the evaporative system and the catalyst.
car was moved the night problem
went out this morning to start and it wouldn't ...
it was cranking just not turning over---
what should i check?? crank sensor ??
no compression on any cylinder.
That is the third time,that happen when i took it to the shop they remove the battry lift it toutch a wire in the front and put the battry back then its good.please help me.
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