2002 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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this morning checking things out I found moisture on dipstick and oil filler cap. and oily film on carb walls. started it and turned it off in under aminute and oil started coming out of dipstick, whole yube was full of oil. I have a dumb question and think I know but could this be a head gasket or engine in need of a grave? it ran great fluids were fine up till I turned it off and started it an hour later
It smokes the most when the ac is running. I have it checked for a burnt valve and it doesn't have one. Please help. I love my car and it's a good car. This is the only problem I've had with it besides the front window regulator clips broke.
I have a vehicle that has been out of action for about a year now. I found out later that GM issued a recall on it, and I was wondering if this ignition recall creates a no start condition in my car.
Car starts then shuts off like its out of fuel, is it possible to get these codes and proper instructions to reset them myself? Without having to pay for them.
I received estimate of $300-$400 or could be $100-$150 depends on length of line that needs to be replaced.The line is in between driver and passanger doors and visible it is rusted and you can see drips.Please help don't want to get ripped off again.
Started one day I turned on the blinker and when I turned it off it kept clicking like it was still on everything is working as it should but the sound is driving me crazy what do I need to replace
I already did the 10 mins thing for security. Light stays on like it should. Car is getting fuel.l hooked up code scanner and only get o2 sensor. Car turns over fine but will not start. Thank you for any help.
car was wrecked and air bags deployed. replaced both air bags but did not connect the wires together, am afraid they will deploy if I do not replace the air bag sensors
Alright so I bought my car bout 8 months ago and it started giving me a trouble a month ago. It started out were it would crank up then go off maybe a few seconds later I would crank it back up and it would be fine. later I would come to find if my car was on half or more it would not do this only less than half a tank. so about two weeks ago my car was doing the same thing but this time it wouldn't come on after the second crank. so I tried to get jumped but it was not the problem. well so we put about 2 gallons of gas in it and put foot on gas pedal and it stayed on. I then put gas treatment and a thing to clean out the lines. and it worked fine till yesterday we tried all the same things but nothing is working and it was the same exact thing it was dong as two weeks ago.
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