2002 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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Does not come on at all . the radio and lights work but no security lights at all I have reset the codes and it will start but quickly turns back off
Someone please tell me what is going on.. No crank unless I hold gas down and then after a few tries will run.. but as soon as I cut it off have to do whole process agaom
my security light is on and my car wont start
After it gets up to temp. you shut it off it wont start the rest of the day. Anybody with ideas.
The plastic piece (gray in color) that fits on the gear shifter has come off. Therefore, to change gears, you have to physically put your finger inside this area to change gears. Yesterday, I could not get it to go in park.

We have received a price from a dealership of $220.
I haven't had this problem on my 2002 Pontiac grand am until today
Everytime i drive it and move my wheel driving period.
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