2002 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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1 mechanic told me it was a carbon clean procedure that would cost 160-240. 2 friends from church recommended that I should first go get some injection fluid, then tomorrow morning go to their mechanic for another opinion. I maintain my car well--it has aLMOST 116,000 MILES. wHAT SHOULD i DO?
diagnostic codes PO303 andPO420
how hard is it to install a new water pump
show me how to replace my rear brake light
I accidentally bought 2004 wires and plugs, instead of 2002 like I needed. Is it okay to use the ones I bought or should I go get the right year? Could it cause problems if I don't switch them out?
Already changed the wheel hub
We can change it to vent and floor but it will not blow out of the defrost. We bought an actuator to replace the bad one. We found the temperature actuator but cannot locate the one to change where the air comes out from.
My car into a shop? How did my timing belt break? How often does a timing belt break? How long would it take to get fixed?
the trac light just came on recently. I don't know what it is?
For a 2002 Pontiac Grand am GT 6 cylinder
This doesnt always do it after touching brakes little hard could calibers be sticking
Its been doing it for awhile , I change the fuse underneath the hood it keeps blowing . I've gotten the back lights , dashboard and main fuse box looked at , nothing is touching .. And also unplugged my CD player
I also replaced the lock and tumbler
I have a 02 grand am. 1 morning a month ago I came out to my battery being dead. Jumped it, started no problem. 4 hrs later after work, I left it had a slow start so on the way home I bought a new battery. this was a sunday. worked fine monday. tuesday morning its dead again. I bring the battery back, they test it, says its good and threw it on the charger for good meausre. put it in the car, started right up. next morning dead, but jump starts with no problem. I have since replaced both the alternator and the starter, the car will jump, run and move without a problem, yet still will not start without being jumped. I have no idea what to look at next. Can someone help me?
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