2001 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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When I start my car I have a high pitch squeal coming from the belt area in the front of my car. I just changed the Alternator cause I thought it was that...Still sqeals. I checked the serpentine belt and its still in 90% great condition. I have narrowed it down to either the belt tentioner or the A/C unit. Anyone have a way I could tell if it was one or the other?? The squeal is so loud i cant tell which one it is coming from.

i have already changed all relays

ABS, TRAC & SES light come on sometimes when just turning wheel n Not moving. Other times they come on while moving and turning or hitting a bump / rough road, turning a hard turn However sometimes it May not come on at all for my 110 mi trip to or from work. My Diagnose shows no trouble codes. Brakes seem / feel good n pads are GC. I can place trans in "N", turn off / On engine while moving and lights go Off n may not come back on till the above items happen or sometimes they don't come on. Approx. 184,000 mi. Just finished changing 4 struts n @ 200,00 will be doing another FULL tuneup (pulgs, wires, trans / fluids,etc) Any ideas / Suggestions.

my service engine light,my abs light and my trac light came on whats the problem with the cAR

My sensors on my dash panel are on; the ABS, Service Vehicle and Low Trac sensor lights are all on. I took it to a shop and I was told it was the ABS sensor and it would cost almost $800 to repair. I can't help but feel like this shop is taking me to the cleaners because I'm a woman. Since most shops don't offer free diagnostics, I can't shop around. Are they charging too much? It's an independent repair shop.

I am leaking power steering fluid,is it possible to replace the power steering hose?

The outer piece of my crankshaft pulley came off the engine. Im not certain what it will take to fix this, if I can do it myself or if I need a mechanic. The serpentine belt has stripped 3 times this year and now this fourth time the outer rim of the pulley just came off. How much does this cost to diagnose and replace?

Transferring wheels from one model to another model of GM product

i have a 2001 pontiac grand am i am trying to put a motor in and want to know if it will come out through the top without pulling the transmission

my fuel pump quit working. i checked the relay and determined the pump was bad. i replaced the pump and filter, the car still won't crank. ichecked for a fuel system bleeder valve or a fuel system reset, ifound nothing. what next?

My sons car has had a slow leak of coolant and just recently it got worse.

blower turns on intermittently with ignition off,blower switch off

can I install new lamp myself?

how do you replace a water pump on a 2001 grand am and diagrams

I have a 2001 Pontaic Grand AM with 97,000 miles. In Aug. the engine started to rev real high & if I had to stop for any reason the car did not want to stayed stopped. The temp gauge would start to go up. Once I put the car in park the RPM needle would go way up, but once I turn the car off & let it sit for 1-2 hrs. the car starts up and the RPM needle is right where its suppose to be. No engine light or any other light comes on and my mechanic cannot replicate the problem & he does not find any codes. This problem has happened twice so far...once after the car sat for one week while I was on vacation! I am afraid to drive the car too far for fear of it overheating.