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My car wont start and i think i might have flooded the engine as well. Low on money and cant afford to go to a mechanic. I have tried to reset the security system but the light went from blinking to solid with the service engine soon still on. car won't start. dont think its the battery or starter. friend suggested alternator. anything would help.
why would this happen
ive been turning wheels all the way left the right while turning the key,or trying to turn the key.nothing is working.I do get power to the car,sometimes while turning wheel and tring to turn key,the inner light comes but key never turns..crying all day,need help..plzzzz
right away drop the car into neutral,turn the car comes back on. This doesn't happen all the times. There are days when,it might happen all that day,then it may not happen for a month after that. It's very scary to drive my car around with that problem. It dangerous on the freeway or street. please help me. I think it's electrical,
most common ac leak spot, already replaced valve
water pump replacement
water pump replacement
I had the car taken to a auto shop, they did a diagnostic and found leakaage from a hose, and change a o ring. The coolant light came on again a few days later, i took it back, they says that the housing gasket was broken, they didn't charge me for labor, but for the part. Now a week or so later the coolant light comes on again. Iam pissed i am taken it back but don't want to be charged. what to do? where could the leak be coming from
I have been trying to get a sticher for the last 6mths and no one can tell me why my light is on.
My ckeck engine light came on, so I took it to get diagnoised and I was told to check my gas cap. So I bought a new one reset the light after 130 miles the light came back on. I brought it to a mechanic he says he can not find a leak played with some hoses and reset the light drove it the light came back on. I went to a differant mechanic and he said he was getting a 440 reading and the hoses going to my evap where lose, so he re-attached them and put new clamps on. He then reset the light and last night it came back on. How can I find and fix my emmisions problem if the three mechanics I took it to can't?
I recieved a rejection sticker and had my car fixed, drove it 105 miles,had it reinspected and two things came up not ready. I then drove it anouther 25 miles totaling 130 miles after repair, had them inspect it again, and now three things came up not ready.What should I do?
how hard are they to replace
I have a 2001 grand am se1. I recently change the shifter since the shifter would not snap properly into reverse. Now I noticed that the key comes out, when the card is parked, in any gear. Please help. I know this will help if I park my car uphill but I want it to be the was it was made stock. Is there a fuse that is blown?? I want the key to be pulled out only in reverse, and not otherwise.. any idea why this is happening??
We think we know where it is but if its back by the fire wall we'll never reach it with our attachment. Is there a more accessible location?
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