2001 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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the car leaks bad coolant everytime she attempts to drive it and i dont know where its coming from what can cause the problem anybody with some advice for me please and thank you

The car starts and runs fine. The lights work on manual but not auto. No gauges register. The heater fan does not come on. The clock and radio do not come on.

Need to know the exact things to do to get cat conv and evap sys to ready status. Failed insp, got car fixed, and failed again cuz the OBD driving procedures were not done. No owners manual to follow. One guy says just drive it. One guy says drive at 55 for 3 minutes stop jump on one foot and dance across the street!! ( paraphrasing) but seriously wtf am I supposed to do. Please help. 17 yr old daughters car and I'm going crazy here. Thanks, much appreciate the help!! Love, Anissa W.

I have a family friend who is a mechanic who is repairing this for me. I am paying him. The leak was NOT coming inside of the car on the carpet and it was NOT fogging up the windshield, the heat still came out so I don't know where the antifreeze was going. I researched online and guys were saying a three hour job. But a guy I know said it would take eight hours. How long does it usually take? So I can pay him properly for his work?

In the summer they look more loose. In the winter it is harder to move back in place. If I hold the housing in my two hands and push them back in place they go back in place until I let go. Can it be glued?

The plastic clip on the end of the clutch push rodbroke. I got a replacement push rod with new clip. I want to put new clip on the end of the existing push rod, which I have done, but i can't push the old push rod back to reinsert new clip in slot on the top of the clutch pedal.

I was told to open the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder so that you are not trying to press against the pressure plate when you push the rod into the master cylinder.

Cat not complete or evap

It came out with the alarm system but not the electric start.

with a alarm security system already?

The intake gasket was replaced 32,000 miles ago. Why should I need to redo this outrageously expensive repair again so soon???????

Got in to my car today and the instrument cluster (gauges), radio, heater blower, power windows are not working. Car starts and drives, i Have checked the fuses in both fuse boxes in the dash and the 1 under the hood. any help would be great. thank you

I have filled with hydraulic fluid on 2 occasions in the last week. Both times it has disappeared, but not onto the ground or any hoses. Where is the fluid going?

I just had the 6 spark plugs replaced (3 autolites and 3 champions) and 3 of the spark plug wires (Bosch). The issue occurred just after the spark plugs were replaced. Before the change, the car had been jumpy after I turned it on in the morning and needed it to settle down before I could drive it with no shake. It had been diagnosed with a misfire in cylinder 2 previously (P0302).

Now it shakes almost constantly with speeds under 30mph, and flashes the engine light above that speed. It is especially jumpy when I come to stops and then step on the gas. The jumpiness will subside for the most part once the vehicle is driving at a steady speed of 30mph or more. It also starts up very jumpy and I can hear a knocking sound, the jumpiness for start up subsides as I run it more than a minute, but the knocking is pretty adamant.

What could be the cause of this? Why would the previous problem worsen after a spark plug change?

have replaced the fill cap gasket, checked all hoses, ok, how to test other monitors?? test canister purge valve, tank vent solenoid. Canister is clear (I blew it out with air for 1 hour), slight odor of fuel. Evap system not ready, Service engine light on code PO440, clear code, re lights after about a week. What next? Bob Reingold

need to know proper oil amount to put in ac system