2001 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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theft alarm stays on after vehicle is shut off. Theft light under radio flashes on/off. Security light in dash is off. Everything is normal when vehicle is running.
Car was running normal when I turned it off. when I started it an hour or so later, It started and ran fine until I put it in gear to drive away and started skipping and rough running, low power until getting it going then it ran fine. just bothers when starting off. if light on throttle till you get going it doesnt bother as bad and has normal power at driving speed and slowing down is fine till you take foot off pedal. up shifting and down shift the auto transmission isnt an issue. thank you
After cranking a little sounds like it fires. Maybe fuel filter had water & froze restricting fuel since there is fuel at check valve.
I had a leak and am not repairing it so I want to stop AC system from working
Coolant flows into oil pan w/o starting car. Put dye in coolant to better determine problem After disasembly.but at 4 gal water I stopped & checked was over full with water and oil. Could it still b a bad lower intake manifold or gasket?
I've done several head gaskets in the past, but never seen excessive coolant in oil.. Usually a small amount. I know the head gaskets have been replaced with in last 2 yr. Was thinking more cracked head or block?
to no avail. The light still remains on. Also, at the same time when I step on the gas and the transmission should shift it does but does it hard. You can actually feel it change. So is this the transmission, because someone told me it was the crank shift sensor? Any ideas would be appreciated.
Would it come on? Also my coolant light comes on I put coolantin the next day iI had to put more coolant in iI ddon't see where its peaking now theres coolant still in it and my coolant light comes on every once in a while could you please give me some advice
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