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I have changed the housing, the coil packs and the plugs what could be the problem
I already checked fusses & fuil pump and already run the security text but I still can't get it 2 start
So what else can I check
Change the fuel pump and gas gauge seem to be reading right well got down to 1/8 of a tank on gas gauge and ran out of gas put gas in gauge moved up couple days later got to a line above a quarter and ran out so went to fill it and could only put 5 gallons in so now it reads full and once it gets to between 3/4 full and half running out when put gas in now once the gas gauge reads full it won't let me add anymore gas but then acts like it out of gas between 3/4 and half and worked fine before new fuel pump was put in what could be my problem please help
I got my oil changed a few weeks ago and then one day my oil light started coming on and going off. I could smell oil burning and thought I saw some smoke. I took it back to valvoline to see why the light came on after they had just changed the oil. The discovered a pretty big oil leak and told me they think it may need a new head gasket and I have oil in the coolant tank. They put 3 quarts back in and it was losing a lot of the oil on my drive home. The car isn't over heating at all. My fiancé thinks it might just be the oil light switch, which is a cheap and easy fix. I'm worried it's something more, like the head gasket. Any advice??
Catalytic converter has been changed. The monitor won't reset
I've tried everything making sure it was in park , spraying some lubricant in it , jiggling it and even had a new Key made and still won't turn so I can remove the lock cylinder to replace it what else can I try
I am replacing the fuel pump. There is no access to it from the inside of the vehicle. There is a half a tank of gas in it. I believe it has a safety screen because any type of hosing I have tried only goes in about a foot. Without having 7 gallons of gas fall on me, how can I get to the pump to replace it? PLEASE HELP!!
I have changed the plugs coils and the boots with no luck. cant seem to figure out what is cause steady misfire in cylinder #1.i am detecting small amount of oil on new idle or low speed vibration and bad mis , at hwy speed can barely feel the miss. is possibly headgasket,or valve or could it be a manifold problem? all cyclinder have between 207 to 205 compression with 178,000 on engine . it overheated fixed that two days later this happened steady mis in #1 only
Car will start and stall immediately. Would stall while driving. Had a fuel pressure regulator leak so mechanic changed it out for new one yesterday. Car drove great . started great, no issues. Ran a couple errons . Never had an issue till the next morning, it started good, drove good, went to gas station put gas in, go to start it, it started but died. Tried again it started. Pulled out of gas station to a red light and it stalled. Got it started Pulled into a different gas station down the road. Turned it off and it fired right back up. Drove about 40 miles Total. Got home and went to leave about an hour later, it started then stalled, then it started. Went about 4miles turned it off and it would not start. Waited 30-40 min, took a couple tries for it not to stall while trying to start. Heard a small backfire right before i got it to start. Drive back home about 4 miles, turned car of and iT fired right up the 3 times i turned it off and started it.
Could this be related to new fuel pressure regulator being replaced?
If i give it gas to try and get it started it is like its not getting gas
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