2001 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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occurs when engine hot, not cold. I can finesse throttle to increase rpms. New fuel pump 4 months ago.

even at snail creep speed at start/stop, when I brake, can feel impact of mass once then again before all momentum stops. What is this and is it repairable?

A few weeks ago, the air conditioning knob jammed and snapped off. I see the rob to control where air is routed, but am unable to turn it.

Would use parts and ignition box coil

I had putting a small amount gas in it for couple week. Instead of keeping it at a half a tank. And had turned a couple times when wasn't park. I don't if it had a barring on things. Throttled and vibrates at the steering wheel to. Missing keys. Don't why stop working so got get keys to see what's going on. Can a 2004 grand am se ignition switch be a replacement for my 2001 grand am se. So can see the problems on it. Please help

however the car immediately start back up again

I have changed the housing, the coil packs and the plugs what could be the problem

I already checked fusses & fuil pump and already run the security text but I still can't get it 2 start
So what else can I check

Change the fuel pump and gas gauge seem to be reading right well got down to 1/8 of a tank on gas gauge and ran out of gas put gas in gauge moved up couple days later got to a line above a quarter and ran out so went to fill it and could only put 5 gallons in so now it reads full and once it gets to between 3/4 full and half running out when put gas in now once the gas gauge reads full it won't let me add anymore gas but then acts like it out of gas between 3/4 and half and worked fine before new fuel pump was put in what could be my problem please help

I got my oil changed a few weeks ago and then one day my oil light started coming on and going off. I could smell oil burning and thought I saw some smoke. I took it back to valvoline to see why the light came on after they had just changed the oil. The discovered a pretty big oil leak and told me they think it may need a new head gasket and I have oil in the coolant tank. They put 3 quarts back in and it was losing a lot of the oil on my drive home. The car isn't over heating at all. My fiancé thinks it might just be the oil light switch, which is a cheap and easy fix. I'm worried it's something more, like the head gasket. Any advice??

Catalytic converter has been changed. The monitor won't reset