1999 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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I have checked the fuse & changed the bulb & still can't get my high beam to work on driver side
The ignition switch won't turn at all. Are they any kind of neutral rely switch that could keep the ignition switch from starting my car?
The ignition key switch won't turn at all to start my car and ive made sure that the steering wheel wasn't locked and made sure that it was in park. What would keep the ignition switch from turning?
transmission suddenly lost all forward gears with no warning signs, I changed fluid/filter and still only has reverse?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? same problem after servicing transmission
How long have you had this problem? 1 week
It looses most all horsepower staggers Rough idle won't be able to get above 800rpm missing
It happens upon starting the ignition. It throttles up to 2+ in park and accelerates without the foot on the gas when in drive or reverse. It happens randomly & has happened about 5 times since buying it in September 2015.
How do I set it or learn it?
I have code p1336
I have 99 2.4 L4
parts car available is a 94 3.1
will I be able to use rack and pinion
i was getting on the freeway yesterday and i started hearing knocking in the front of the car. my grandpa looked at it i told him that my oil light has been on for a while but i was told it was okay cause its an old car. he checked the oil an i had barely anything. he put oil in it but only 2 quarts and when i accelerate it still makes a loud knocking in my engine. what could this be?
one , starter has been replace,when the key is turn it just click noise comes from under the glove some times try to turn over when i press the reset botton in the fuse box.
the car overheated and the cooling fan did not come on after we shut down/turned off the car.

1999 Pontiac grand am se 6 cyl twin
Sometimes when I go to start my car it won't let me if the security light is flashing???? please help I have to wait ten to twelve minutes to start it and it's really a pain in the rear when you have Two twin boys
Was told evaporator is leaking. Cost would be close to $2000.00
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