1998 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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None of my gauges work and warning lights are on all the time. The car has set for a couple of years without use.
how do you change the key switch when you have lost the key? i see the direction say turn it to run position but i cant with out the key?
car will trun over but will not start unless i use gas or starter fulid straight into the caburator then will run for a few seconds
I need an estimate for repair of valve lifters
car will not start unless i jump it across the starter solenoid but it quits immediately?
I need to know the the location of the map sensor on a 1998 pontiac grand am, and the results if the part should go bad.
where are the spark plugs.
replace heater core in my 1998 Grand AM SE
How to replace a heater core in my 1998 Grand AM SE?
Where is the low side service port for the air conditioning system to a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am V6 3.1L?
The floors boards mainly on the passager side are always wet. Can't see where water is getting in.
i think my spark plug wires are crossed
My car runs fine but the abs light, brake light and check engine lights are on. Car will not go out of park. pulled the console off of the gear shift and the plastic piece wont move to the cogs to move it out of park. what else can I do?
Yes, Hi, I have a 1998 Grand Am with the 3.1L well it is throwing a couple codes ones that i know have no bearing on it not starting. But it is throwing the P0440 it was running real rough before i parked it, i sat for about a week, went to go start it and it would not fire. I need to know if this could make it not fire or if a MAF sensor malfunction could be the cause of a Misfire on cylinder 1, or if Catalyst efficiency below threshold bank could be the problem can anybody help me?
My engine jumps up when I start the engine. Someone said it needed a motor mount. How many are there on a 98 grand am,2.4L? I found the one on top on passengers side of motor. I can't tell if it is bad or not. How do you tell?
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