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Gauge doesnt read hot, stays in neutral zone, but car is very very hot and radiator bubbling when car is stopped. When leaving car overnight, a large puddle of antifreeze is in driveway. Once in awhile car will "rattle" if I go more than 15 miles in distance. Noticed that heater doesn't work anymore. Just got the car from private party, two weeks before this occurance. Noticed they had Stop Leak in Radiator. The check engine light came on before any of this happened and suggested to replace Camshaft Position Sensor, which I did and light went out. Check engine light is not on and no codes are reading at this time. HELP...I know nothing about cars..I'm a retired senior citizen (woman)and blonde too!
My car wont hold antifreeze and the engine gets hot but the gauges dont read hot. It also "rattles" on hot hot days. There are no code readings or check engine light is not on.
Will not pass smog keeps code is for evac sensor and camshaft sensor? What do I do? And how much will it cost? Very important to get done so everything is in running shape. Help?
All the fluid leaked out after something popped.
146,000 miles. Front end damage. After driving for long periods of time, car wont start back up. If i hold the hose overthe starter for some time, the car starts right up. What is the problem?
I've been having issues with my car not starting after driving for awhile. Like its too hot or something. Last night i turned my car off, but the key wont go to the off position. After messing with it for 15 minutes, i unplugged the battery. This morning i stuck the negative cable back on the battery and tried to start my car. It turns over but wont start. Key is still stuck. Its got half a tank of gas, and i jumped the battery in case it was low.
After replacing odometer car starts and cuts off and will not stay started
My car was hit and I need to know how much to charge the other driver to replace the rear bumper
most of the time they will flicker
No heat/air at all on any speeds. Have gotten under the dash but have come to the airbag. No help on internet for this year of car and the replacement of the resistor. Thank you.
My blower will work fine all year, but as soon as winter comes and the temperature drops below 30 degrees F. the blower goes out. Then when spring comes the blower will start working again. What could be causing this, how can I fix it?
I have 98 grand am 179K, i recent went to get an oil change the tech suggested i need a coolant flush because mines was muddy. During the flush the muddy water clogged up the thermastat and that had to be replaced. When i left the shop my engine light came on now it runs rough and sometimes shut off. What did they do to my car?!!! It was fine before then!!!
car starts but shuts off right away the starter was replaced along with some sensors and now it shuts off after you start it and the anti theft light is on
instrument panel gauges going crazy
I have a 98 Grand Am, I can take the key out of the ignition at any time. Problem is, sometimes, I can turn the engine off but the dashboard stays lit because the key won't go all the way back to shut off everything. What do I do to fix it?
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