1998 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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found an extra wire with no hook up on the end...where dose it go ????? BIG HOOK UP,, OR LITTLE.. THANKS
Won't go into overdrive button doesn't seem to do anything why would button not work for over drive?
So two days ago my door was opening and closing Just fine and the Next morning my door would close i tried pulling the handle and moving the latch at the SAME time and it dident work what should i do
Pulled over to get on phone, engine off, key in the ON position. Tried to start up again, wouldnt start. Left for a bit for jumper cables then tried to put key back into ignition and it wouldnt go in at all. Rekeyed ignition cylinder, tapped starter and its working. Also, it wont shift out of park without taking off the emergency clip and even in neutral it wont start. Any ideas?
will operate only when i bypass the switch with my own wiring.
Trying to remove wheel cylinder took off screws and other but does not slide out. any secrets?
I have a 1998 grand am with 3.1 engine been over heating, replaced, water pump, thermostat and heater core, car still over heating and was wondering which head gasket connects to driver side exhaust because now that no longer works, could this be head gasket or intake manifold
Made repairs to evap system & engine light came on.
black rubber elbow in the back of the engine. The heater core connections are dry. any ideas?
Car died when shifting into drive
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